Monday, January 7, 2013

So Long And Farewell

By Sarah Evans

P.O.V. Contributing Writer
Hey, there P.O.V. readers, it's Sarah @ A Cat-Like Curiosity here. Melina asked me just to say a few words of farewell to the readers here before the blog is wrapped up.

I have loved contributing to this blog. It has really made me think of posting in a different way to the posts I have over on my own blog.

It made me think of my own viewpoints more thoroughly -- after all, the point of this blog is very clear! I needed to post about things I really had a view on. Anyone who regularly read my posts here would know that my posts were mostly linked into creativity.

I also wanted to say a big thank you to Melina for coordinating all of this. It was such a shame that we couldn't get the funding for the magazine idea Melina had; I'm sure it would have been awesome!

Here's to a New Year for all of us that's filled with ideas and successes galore.

Thanks so much for reading and goodbye.

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