Friday, February 3, 2012

Mother Killed For Shaming Family

Sometimes we don't realize how lucky we are to live in an industrially advanced nation. When families have babies here, the majority are happy simply to have a healthy child. Others do have a preference for gender, but love their offspring regardless.

Long gone are the days when boys were preferred over girls. But even in those days, girls did not go without the love of their families. Women were never condemned for not having sons.

That is not the case in modern Afghanistan. Girls are seen as a burden; women who give birth to them are abused. Enough of a burden that, in late January, a woman was murdered for giving birth to a third daughter. She was murdered by her husband with the assistance of his mother.

The crime has been condemned by women's right's groups, religious leaders and community elders. After strangling his wife to death, the husband fled. His mother was arrested.

But condemnation of the crime isn't enough. Unless Afghan society changes the way it thinks, crimes like this will continue. And if they continue, then we are poorer as a species.

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  1. What good did it do the mother to help her son kill his wife? He has escaped and she is left to do jail time. Just goes to show, she as a women is expendable too. After all, he is a man. So, what happens to the baby and her sisters? The laws there will not be easily changed and that's horrible. I pray for their enlightenment. I thank God for America and my ability the rear my three dauhters.

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