Wednesday, February 1, 2012

House Made of Money Makes a Statement

Man builds house out of money, the promo on the local newscast said. I had all sorts of ugly images in my head of avarice, greed and multi-billionaires having so much money they didn't know what to do with it. Then the story aired and all my assumptions had been wrong.

In truth, the home was built by an unemployed, homeless Dubliner Frank Buckley. Buckley, an artist, designed the home out of 1.4 billion decommissioned, shredded Euros. His home is a political statement.

Not only is the house made of worthless money, it was built in the lobby of an office building -- a four year old, brand new, office building which can't find any tenants. And its artist, Buckley, is the victim of unscrupulous mortgage lending practices.

Far from being an symbol of the wealthy flaunting their money, Buckley's house is a sad commentary on modern economic times.

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